Smoking - Help to Quit

We want to help you to kick the habit.

Why Quit?

This is a question you've probably asked yourself. Here are just a handful of reasons why stopping smoking is the smart choice

  • To improve your health
  • You don't like the smell
  • You don't want your children to become smokers
  • You're afraid of getting ill
  • You don't like being addicted
  • You can't afford it


If you want to stop smoking you can come and visit either one of our GP's or Practice Nurses, contact reception for an appointment.  They will be able to refer you to Stop Smoking Wales, either by email or by phone, or they can provide you with the number to contact the Stop Smoking Wales team for self-referral. 

Stop Smoking Wales: 0800 085 2219 - this is the number to call for self-referral, you don't need to see one of our team to refer yourself.

For further information on the support you'll received to help you quit please visit the Help Me Quit Wales website:

We are currenlty developing our services so that our Practice Nursing team will soon be able to provide Smoking Cessation clinic appointments.  Stats from Public Health prove that combined with the input from Stop Smoking Wales, these clinics will provide our patients with the best chance of successfully kicking the habit, for good!

Pharmacy Level 3

For your nearest pharmacy providing the level 3 smoking cessation service go to:

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