Exercise - Get Moving

St Isan Road Surgery wants to encourage it's patients to increase their physical activity.

  • Physical inactivity and prolonged sitting increases the risk of developing and exacerbating chronic conditions
  • Being active improves physical and mental health and helps to maintain and control weight
  • Physical activity levels across Cardiff and Vale are low with just 26% of adults meeting the guidelines for being active


Brief advice for our patients:-

  • Build walking and cycling into daily living routines by walking to the shops, to work, to school or when visiting family and friends
  • Go out for a brisk walk most days
  • Make use of parks and green spaces across Cardiff and Vale
  • Use the car less - save a few quid!
  • Try new activities in local centres

For older adults we would encourage:-

  • Activities that involve using the body weight or working against resistance such as carrying groceries, chair aerobis, dancing
  • New activities in local centres, including strength and balance activities like Tai Chi or yoga - also see our 'Falls Prevention for Older People' advice page under our further information for local EXTEND classes


Check out the Motivate to Move website, developed by Primary Care professional:


Various leaflets and websites are available that provide information including:-


In Primary Care, the main service available to support patients increase their physical activity levels is the National Exercise Referral Scheme (NERS). This scheme is delivered by local authorities and provides individualised activity programmes for patients with chronic diseases or for those recovering from injuries.  If you want to discuss a referral please make an appointment with our Senior Practice Nurse, Sister Susie Freeman or one of our GP's.

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