Alcohol - Help to Drink Less

Every week in Wales alcohol results in 29 deaths; around 1 in 20 of all deaths
Alcohol and health in Wales profile 2014, Public Wales Observatory.

     The Facts

    • Harmful use of alcohol is a leading cause of ill health and disease across Wales
    • Live disease is the only major disease in Britain to show a year on year increase since 1970
    • Heavy drinkers are most at risk of harm, but alcohol has long-term health consequences for the large population of regular drinkers
    • Adults aged under 45 now drink less, but for those aged 45 and over drinking has increased or stayed the same (Welsh Health Survey data)
    • Most of the deaths from alcohol are the result of long-term drinking and the role of alcohol in increasing risks such as cancer and cardiovascular disease
    • Mortality and hospital admissions are strongly related to deprivation, where rates are much higher in most deprived areas
    • Every week in Wales our hospitals see as many as 1,000 admissions related to alcohol
    • Alcohol brief interventions are an evidence based approach to helping people reduce their consumption 

        The key messages for our patients are:-

    • Drink less alcohol - recent research has shown there is no 'safe' level of alcohol
    • Drink less often - have at least 2 days off from drinking per week (NICE guidelines)
    • If you drink 14 units of alcohol a week try to spread this amount evenly over 3 days or more
    • Alcohol and pregnancy - the government's recommended guidelines are that pregnant women or those trying for a baby should avoid alcohol altogether

For more tips and advice on ways to help you cut back on alcohol visit the Change4Life website:

The Clinicians here at St Isan Road Surgery are fully trained to provide Alcohol Brief Intervention advice to our patients, and if appropriate are able to refer you to a specialist treatment service.  If you're worried you are developing, or have developed a problem with alcohol please arrange an appointment with one of our GP's.  All GP consultations are confidential, and our Reception team will not ask you for any details of the appointment booking.


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